angle-left COPA WPS Layer

GetCapabilities Operation



This operation is a get request which is easily available from your browser or though a curl command.

Via Browser:


Via curl command:

curl -X GET "" -H "accept: application/xml"


The response returned contains 4 main sections providing information of COPA wps capabilities:

  • ServiceIdentification provides main service's information
  • Contents provides information on the processes available for execution 
  • Languages provides information on the main language used in service
  • OperationsMetadata provides information on the wps operation offered by service
  • ServiceProvider provides information on the service provider and contact info

From Contents you are able to get process' description and identifier, which will be useful if you want to launch a process (see section 2: Execute)

The future extension of this layer will implements DescribeProcess which will give additional information on process configuration. In the mean time, please refers to the Algorithm catalog to retrieve process' information

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