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How to add an algorithm in the algorithm store


Before starting the process of sharing an algorithm into the algorithm store, the administrator must go to the private repository created by the owner of the algorithm and verify if the structure is respected, the documentation is written, the configuration file filled, the Docker file is completed and all dependencies are added.

The process to add an algorithm in the store is very simple and divided into 7 steps :

Requirements :

The algorithm developer sends the HTTPS URL of it's private repository to the administrator.

With your admin profile :

Step 1:

Log in to Gitlab. Go to Groups > BMAAP. Based on the documentation of the algorithm and information sent by the developer, create a new repository with the name (Be sure that there is no repository existing with the same name, using the search bar).

Info: The description is very important. You should fill the description field.

Go to Settings > General > General project > Tags , and add tags based on the description main information

Steps 2:

Log in to Eclipse che and create a new workspace based on the ESA MAAP stack (See the tutorial How to create a workspace).

Step 3:

In your console, be sure to be in the folder/projects, then launch the script

Answer all the questions :

Git HTTPS URL of the source code you want to copy: The source code URL sent by the algorithm developer (The original repository)

Git HTTPS destination URL: The HTTPS URL of the repository you created at step 1.  

Email: your email

username: your Gitlab admin username

password: your admin password

The script copies the private original repository to the new public repository accessible by everybody.

Step 4:

Verify the content Dockerfile

- Change /projects/{THE-NAME-OF-YOUR-PROJECT} by the correct name of the project for example/projects/Sigma0_calculation if it is not done by the creator of the algorithm

- Be sure to have all common or exotic dependencies used in the source code in the Dockerfile. If the source code used GDAL for example, GDAL must be added in the Docker file

If there are some mistakes, the administrator asks the developer of the algorithm to update his code to fill the requirements.

Step 5:

Normally, after step 3, the admin can see a file named .gitlab-ci.yml. This file is in charge of creating the docker image of the source code. If the Dockerfile contains all dependencies, everything should work fine.

To verify if the docker image is well created, Go to the repository created in step 1, you should see an icon, in green or in red, depending of the status of the docker image creation.

Click on the green icon (red if the commit failed to create a docker image)

Click on build-master, you should have a log. It is very important to check your log when the creation of the docker image raises an error.

Step 7 :

If the creation of the docker image is a success, you can find the docker image URL under Registry menu. This url is important for the last step

Step 8:

Go to the page Administration in the ESA MAAP and fill the form.

- The first input is the HTTPS URL source code

- The second is the Docker image URL (See step 7)

- Select the Author automatically

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