This section describes how to use Nasa WPS services


This operation is a GET request. The request parameter represents the identifier the JobId retrieved from the Execute Response.

curl -X GET "" -H "accept: application/xml"



The GetResult response represents a list of outputs and the http url from which we can download the output.

Example of response:

- List of Job Outputs (abstract) :

 <wps:Result xmlns:ows="" xmlns:schemaLocation="" xmlns:wps="" xmlns:xsi=""><wps:JobID>1c050cab-d87e-4325-ac98-6296214f298c</wps:JobID><wps:Output id="result"> <wps:Products><wps:Product><wps:ProductName>output-2019-09-05_13-11-36 </wps:ProductName> <wps:Locations><wps:Location> </wps:Location> <wps:Location>s3://</wps:Location><wps:Location>;tab=overview</wps:Location></wps:Locations> </wps:Product> </wps:Products></wps:Output></wps:Result> 
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